October 18, 2012

Home needed

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I have a  boy that is available to an approved pet home.

The boy, Lobie,  is a ruddy adult. Contact me using the form here.

Serious inquiries may call +36309481018.

szereto otthonra vagyik egy vadas kandur

Email orsvincze@gmail.com.

After I receive your email you will be contacted with more information.


July 12, 2010

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We have no babies at times but have a retired adult available.  Torrie came back to us because there were too many cats in his new home in his opinion. Torrie is extremely friendly and sweet and very playful.  Torrie is show quality with very successful show experience as a kitten, he has very deep red color and can go into a show home.  Please note that he is neutered. He is looking for a new home with lots of love and even though he gets along with the cats in my home, I would prefer no other cats or maybe one cat and no dogs or children if possible. Torrie is the father of GC Deeable One Hundred Years of Solitude. Only serious enquiries, please call (30) 948-1018.

We will have a new litter sometime in 2011.

Jelen pillanatban nincsenek elvihető kiscicáink, a következő almot 2011-ben tervezzük.  Van egy elvihető felnőtt ivartalanított kandúr, top kiállítási minőség, ha valaki szeret kiállítani.  Érdeklődni a (30) 948-1018 számon lehet.

July 6, 2009

Recent news/Hírek

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Sol and ET arrived in their new home.

I received these beautiful pix of Sol and ET from Irina and Igor. Thank you for giving such a wonderful home to my babies, I feel grateful for having met you and consider you dear friends.

Deeablo One Hundred Years of Solitude aka “Sol”

CH Deeablo the Salton Sea X Deeablo Centaur

at 8.5 mths






Deeablo Heart of Eternity aka “ET”

Deeablo Magdala X Deeablo’s One Million Roses

At 15 months



Deeablo Centaur aka Torrie may be available as a loving pet into the right home. Pictures of Torrie can be found under Boys. Torrie kedvencként elvihető a megfelelő otthonba. Torrie 2 éves gyönyörű szorrel kandúr. Képei a saját oldalán találhatóak. Érdeklődni telefonon lehet a (30) 948-1018-as számon.

July 12, 2008

We have new kittens/2008 nyári picik megszülettek!

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Panther had four fawn baby boys with Deeablo Tristan.

Panthernek és Trissynek négy gyönyörű fawn kisfia született, a picik nagyon kedvesek és szépek az arany rózsaszínes bundájuk pedig egyszerűen lenyűgöző. A fawn a legritkább abesszin szín és ezért ilyen színű picik ritkán születnek. Mind a négyen úgy szeretnek, mintha én lennék a második mamájuk. Minden kiscica otthonra talált.

May 4, 2008

First CFA Regional Winner!

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I cannot put my gratitude into words. Deeablo’s Dragonfyre of Abykatzen is now officially GC, GP RW Deeablo’s Dragonfyre of Abykatzen! I would like to take the occasion to congratulate and thank his owners: Beth Lewis-Lynette and Jerry Coffey-Pat McNiven for this achievement. You not only kept your word to grand Dragon, you have done far more than that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may the new season bring you much deserved fortune and success.

Dragon as a kitten

Dragon on the right as a baby

April 21, 2008

Spring 2008 babies are here/Megszülettek a 2008 tavaszi picik

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Deeablo Magdala and Deeablo’s One Million Roses are proud parents of one red girl and one fawn girl born March 31, 2008, Le Sancy (fawn girl) and Heart of Eternity (red girl). The girls are not available at the moment.

CH Fin Bheara the Bright Side of Life and Deeablo Di-Vino are proud parents of 3 red boys born April 2, 2008.  All babies have been placed. A kiscicák mindannyian gazdira találtak.