Diamonds and jewelry are our passion, our lifestyle; we hope to pass on our passion to you. Stella-Estrella specializes in fancy colored, white diamonds and colored stones, as well as creating hand-forged, exquisite jewelry. A lot of our work is custom design, where we focus on our clients.

Gemstones and jewelry are meant to evoke emotions like works of art and create memories. Every time we glance at them, memories are evoked of our happiest times and most important milestones of our lives and the remembrance as well as the stone and jewel accompanies us throughout our lives. Remembrance of an engagement, the beginning of ever-lasting love and commitment, the birth or a child, a trip, an anniversary recreate the joy we felt at those special moments.


Reputation and value

Stella-Estrella places the highest importance on you; our customers always come first. Our primary goal has been to establish a reputable business based on solid ethics and to provide ongoing education, support and service. We also only work with the most reputable diamond cutting wholesalers in Antwerp, who share our philosophy and standards for the utmost quality and ethics. All our professional relationships are profoundly based on trust with you and also our business partners.

We also guarantee that all of our diamonds are conflict free and purchased from legitimate sources that are not involved in the funding of conflicts and/or war. We do not work with any treated gemstones, synthetics or imitations.