Treatments, Synthetics and Imitations

At Stella-Estrella we do not select, buy or sell any products whatsoever that are synthetic, laboratory grown or treated in any way. We are proud to only deal with diamonds of natural origin the color of which is also of natural origin that are miracles only nature can produce. We are aware that some people think that synthetics, treated diamonds and/or imitations can be a great option for their lower price and look similar to that of natural diamonds of natural color origin. But is the price really lower? Is it worth often paying hundreds for a piece of glass for example?

Smaragd gyűrű JÓ 1We personally reject this thinking as such products will never hold their value or increase in value and worse their durability may be nothing compared to that of natural diamonds in the case of imitations and some treated diamonds. Also, some people associate diamonds with snobbery but will select a product that imitates the look of diamonds; if they think it looks like a diamond then how can they reject what diamonds stand for. Anyhow, we fully respect people’s decisions but would advise you to choose a natural gemstone like a sapphire or an emerald, etc. if you cannot afford the price of diamonds but yet would like to have a natural gemstone that is beautiful and will also stand the test of time. There are also many great options without sacrificing quality and durability when it comes to diamonds even when we need to work within a budget. If you want something to symbolize everlasting love and something you can pass down for generations to come, there is no compromise to a diamond.