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The Giant Rock

WE CARRY A WIDE SELECTION OF ROUND AND FANCY SHAPE FANCY COLORED AND COLORLESS DIAMONDS; FOR SELECTION AND PRICING PLEASE CONTACT US AND SET UP A MEETING TO VIEW OUR SELECTION. Below are a few examples of our large selection. We also do custom design with our stones and offer investor services.

A few examples of our diamonds:

A selection of fancy color diamonds

Pink video

View the video of this magnificent 1.19 carat Fancy Intense Purplish Pink, available at a special, investor price, GIA certified. Available for private, in person viewing. Please inquire for price and information.

GIA Fancy Deep Pink Square Emerald Cut, 0.35 ct, this stones blew me away, color and cut, life to this stone are amazing. Special investors´s selection. Enquire for information and pricing, in person viewing available, as well as other photos.
Rare and unusual Tiffany Lucida patented cut; mixed step cut Asscher crown and brilliant cut Cushion pavilion, GIA G/VVS1, 1.63 CT, EUR 12,900.00
Rare and unusual Tiffany Legacy patented cut; mixed step cut Asscher crown and brilliant cut Cushion pavilion, GIA G/VVS1, 1.63 CT. Videos, more photos and information on this diamond are available upon request.
Magnificent oval diamond GIA 5.01 CTS, E VVS2 NO fluor CALL FOR PRICE
Magnificent oval diamond GIA 5.01 CTS, E VVS2 NO fluor CALL FOR PRICE
Videos and more photos of this diamond are available upon request.
4.25 ct G/VS2 Triple X beauty

Marquise Pairs
A parcel of marquise diamonds
0.48 ct I/VVS2 stunningly cut baguette diamond with amazing fire. Sold but we have other similar baguette and emerald shaped stones in similar sizes, also smaller and larger, higher colors too.

Big Yellow SZGIA Fancy Brownish Yellow croppedGIA NFBY cropped

GIA 1.04 ct Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Orangy Yellow oval cut; magnificent stone with the amazingly rich color of liquid gold. As usual for our fancy colors, not only the color is very highly saturated but the cut is unusually top quality, rare to find in fancy colors, we specialize in diamonds that face up very large for their weight.

GIA certificate:GIA Fancy Deep Brownish Orangy Yellow


Black pair cropped                                      Black for homepage resized

One of our rarest in our selection, a pair of natural fancy black diamonds totaling almost 11 carats; these diamonds are very unique and extremely hard to find in this size and a matched pair. These diamonds are natural fancy blacks, already set, see Our Jewelry and Jewelry Design page.

————————————————————————————————————————-Fancy Vivid Yellow pair cropped

Pair of 0.9 ct fancy vivid yellows (total ctw 0.18); We have many  intense to vivid/deep orangy yellows and brownish orangy yellows available in smaller sizes as well, ranging from 0.05 to 0.09 cts each, great for creating pieces as seen on our Jewelry Design page. We also carry certified fancy colors in the 0.25 ct and higher size ranges.

————————————————————————————————————————-NFY cropped 2 BEST                                                 GIA NFY cropped

GIA 0.57 ct Natural Fancy Yellow, VS2 Pear Modified Brilliant cut; superb cut, amazing brilliance rarely seen in fancy colors, great clarity  with a true lemon color. A necklace was designed for this diamond. Pricing and photos of the necklace can be found on Our Jewelry and Jewelry Design page. 

GIA certificate: GIA cert NFY

Some beautiful fancy colored diamonds in boxes, their true color is not revealed due to being covered. On the right large orangy and pinkish brown champagne colors, on the left intense yellows, specialty cut champagne round.
A 0.29 ct fancy vivid orangy yellow diamond inside a sealed box. Gorgeous color.

Set of pears cropped closeup

White pair croppedA very nicely matched pair of colorless pear diamonds; E-F color, VS2-SI1 clarity, total ctw: 0.84, beautifully cut into an elongated shape perfect for earrings.  Price for the pair: EUR 1,395 incl. VAT

Stunning pair for the budget minded customer. Ideal cut pair with large face-up, perfectly eye-clean.
1 ct white diamonds


We sell loose diamonds and you can choose a diamond from our large inventory for your special project as well. Please contact us to work out the best option for you depending on your budget and wishes. We will happily send you photos and show you our diamonds upon a meeting.