About Fancy Colored Diamonds

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Diamonds are considered to be the hardest material on Earth and in general very rare. Due to their rarity and beauty as well as that they can last several lifetimes thanks to their hardness, diamonds are very valuable assets. Of course supply and demand greatly influences price and value. In the recent past we have experienced a surge in the price of diamonds since demand has been increasing in part due to the engagement age population growth of new markets and supply has been decreasing as no significant mines have been found and production at the existing mines have in some cases been terminated and in others became more expensive.

Also, Russian diamond producer Alrosa is currently producing the largest volumes of diamonds in the world. With the latest developments in Russia it is possible that the EU will place sanctions on several products including Russian diamonds. Since Russian diamonds account to approximately 25 % of Antwerp’s diamond rough imports, this could have major effects on supply and thus the price of diamonds. For more information see:


A famous yellow diamond  the "Sun Drop"
A famous yellow diamond the “Sun Drop”

While diamonds in general are already rare and beautiful and their mining involves very high costs, consider that out of 10,000 carats of diamonds mined; only 1 carat will turn out to be fancy colored. The rarity of fancy colored diamonds is only going to increase due to several factors, one being that the Argyle mine in Australia producing most of the world’s pink and red diamonds is expected to end production by around 2020. De Beers has closed mines in Africa and Russia has not yielded much in fancy colored diamonds.

We have seen an incredible increase in the value and prices of all fancy colored diamonds; in fact they have proven to be the best investment of the last decade with the highest rate of return. Prices have been increasing dramatically in the last couple of years especially. Demand at the same time has skyrocketed.  In 2014 the world’s most famous auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s are all showcasing fancy colored diamond jewelry as the highlight of their auctions.

Again as supply becomes even more limited, one can only guess where the prices of fancy colored diamonds will end up. What we consider as having the greatest potential for return as an investment at the moment are yellows, pinks and oranges. Why? Blues and greens already command stellar prices not to mention reds. Red diamonds in sizes over a carat are sold for over 1 million USD per carat. Pinks may reach the price levels of blues and greens for the reason that their supply will dwindle and as Argyle is expected to close connoisseurs have already been driving up prices.




Tiffany & Co. was one of the first to feature yellow diamonds as a result of which they became highly sought after. At the moment yellows are commanding much higher prices than even a couple of years ago. No such thing as objective and clear, accurate pricing really exists when it comes to fancy colored diamonds and that also includes yellows. However, it is extremely important to note that fancy yellows are still affordable though now more expensive than their colorless counterparts. In top qualities what they will sell for can be anyone’s best guess. Now it is still not too late to buy fancy yellows but in a couple of years with pricing going up as much as they have and since their supplies are not ample either considering the fact that fancy yellow diamond rough has been primarily mined in South Africa and several mines have been recently closed there, they could even reach the current price of pinks. This trend is also expected to continue since yellows will always be the best option for those that cannot afford the other fancy colors but want to be among those that own fancy colored diamonds. With this, the demand for fancy yellows will continue to increase.

Yellow diamonds have made headlines for prices garnered at auction. “The Vivid Yellow,” a 32.77 carat fancy yellow diamond, fetched $6.6 million at Christie’s in October 2011. A month later, the 110.03 carat “Sun Drop” sold for a record $12.3 million, the highest price paid for a yellow diamond at auction.


Natural fancy black diamonds are a curiosity and a rarity even among fancy colored diamonds. They are completely unique not only because of their appearance but also because of their supposed origin.  Black diamonds are generally a lot less transparent than other diamonds due to the fact that natural black diamonds owe their color to the inclusions within them. Quality natural black diamonds are never fully opaque, light can actually enter them and parts of them take on a sunny, often slightly brownish hue. The nuances of their color vary depending on the inclusions lending them their color; some can be slightly metallic looking due to metal inclusions. They are definitely a collector’s item and exquisite when set in jewelry often surrounded by white diamonds.

One of the most famous black diamonds in history: http://famousdiamonds.tripod.com/blackorlovdiamond.html

The origin of black diamonds makes them all the more mysterious; scientists have believed that they originated from out of space, perhaps from supernova explosions, for various reasons; their chemical structure as well as that they are not mined along with other diamonds and not found in kimberlite deposits where the other colors and their colorless counterparts are.


By today black diamonds have become extremely popular despite or for their different look and origin, for many years now black diamonds have been worn for the Oscars and the like and some even chose them for engagement rings.

Diamonds are not a short term investment, consider it as investing in something like fine art, it may be best to sit on such an investment for a decade but what other investment is such that you can actually wear it and instead of amortization it will actually increase in value? Once while living in the US I read something very true; what makes the difference in the age of a woman? Jewelry, exercise and skin care. What can make a woman more beautiful than an amazing diamond? If you buy ready to wear designer clothing you may wear it twice and it rips but your diamond will be there to hand down to your daughter or granddaughter or can be auctioned off in a few years but I guarantee you that once you own a fancy colored diamond, they are like chocolate; you will not want to part with them but yearn for more.