H ello and welcome to our site! We hope that you will enjoy your visit here.

I am Lynette Coffey and along with my husband Jerry, we began breeding and showing Abyssinians in 2000. We are located in the foothills of northern California about an hour from the Oregon border. Up until the fateful day when a gorgeous blue Abyssinian boy stole my heart and my breath away, in the same instant, we had shared our lives and hearts with the intuitive and spiritual Siamese cat, only. For a few years we raised/showed both breeds, but due to a bit of bad luck(yes, it can befall even the Irish!), we ended up with two gorgeous show Siamese, who for different reasons, could not reproduce and since we only had 3 breeding Siamese, that was a pretty big problem to overcome. At that point, we did some deep soul searching as to whether we should continue on with the Siamese, as well as the Abys, and finally came to the conclusion that it would be best for us to concentrate our time and energy on promoting and improving only one breed, and that breed was the Abyssinian.

O ur Abys are the heart and soul of our lives, now, and they are treated as befits royalty, as is their due. They are our entertainment, our counselors and our soul mates.There are times, though, when I think they are the reincarnation of Atilla the Hun’s horde, when they trample over the counters and down the halls, knocking over anything in their path! Sharing life with one Abyssinian, or many, is definitely NOT for the faint of heart!! They do keep us young and for every knick knack or plate they have broken, they have paid us back, richly, in love, companionship and of course, as our comic relief.

M any have asked us what our cattery name, Fin Bheara, means, so I would like to tell you a little bit about it. Fin Bheara, pronounced ‘Fin Varra’, is the Celtic name of the King of the Little People. Because Jerry and I both hail from predominantly Irish backgrounds, and because our Siamese kittens reminded us of impish little Faerie folk, the name suited us very well. It seemed fit that our ethereal and magical breed be part of King Fin Bheara’s clan. Little did we know that the Abyssinian breed would be even more like the Little People of legend, than even our beloved Siamese were!

W e are a small cattery, and we concentrate on raising healthy, well socialized kittens, who are beautiful as well, that meet or exceed the breed standard, and to create our minds’ ideal of the perfect Fin Bheara Abyssinian.This is a goal/dream that is an ever changing thing, as we learn, grow and improve and thereby lies the challenge in breeding. We have chosen to show strictly CFA, though we did show in TICA for a couple of years. We enjoyed ourselves and met many wonderful people, in TICA, but we feel that CFA’s standards and ideals are more closely allied to our own, and a better fit for us, as breeders/exhibitors.

W e have several litters a year and since we cannot keep them all, those that don’t go to friends, who also breed and show, are available to select indoor only pet homes. If you think you might be interested in adopting a Fin Bheara kitten or young, retired adult, please go to our Inquiry page (see Index below) and fill out the questionnaire, so that we can try to match you with a kitten/cat whose personality will complement yours and your particular life style. Be prepared to answer some questions, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have for me, as well.

Lynette & Jerry Coffey
Fin Bheara Abyssinians